COTB Shared Home Library

To encourage a culture of reading and to share with all members the good resources we each have, we built a shared library system that will allow all COTB members to lend/borrow books (or other forms). Instead of having a physical library, we created a book-swapping network for our community to use.

How it works:

  1. Open the excel catalogue and scroll to find a book to read.
  2. Contact the owner of the book and arrange to borrow if the resource is available. The “Status” will appear blank if it is available and “OUT” if it is not.
  3. Have either the lender or borrower to update the librarian that it has been borrowed. The librarian will then update the book as “OUT”
  4. When returning, have either the lender or borrower notify the librarian that it has been returned.

Become a Lender:

  1. Collect the books you would like to list on the catalogue and record the Title, Authour, Type, Category, Page#, and your names (see the excel spreadsheet for examples)
  2. Send the list of books with the details to the librarian and the catalogue

Book Collection List


*The librarian is the only one who will be able to edit the catalogue.

For any questions, please contact the librarian.




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