From Pastor Yoon

God has invited us to His life. His life is always perfect and glorious and He doesn’t need our help to maintain it. Rather, our life counts as much as we participate in His life. Let’s get real with Him and with one another. We get as much as we get honest and teachable.
Has it been a while since you met real followers of Christ? Do you wish to follow Him with genuine folks who are as serious as you are? Do you want to do church on six more days beside Sunday? Are you tired of your ever same old self? And do you desperately want to see yourself change — the change of not only what you do but who you are?

Then welcome to the Church on the Basics! We are a multi-ethnic disciple-making church who values God-centeredness and self-denial in the pursuit of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20; Luke 9:23).
If you are looking for a church where you can grow as a disciple of Christ, who makes disciples following in His steps with a clear definition of a disciple and a down-to-earth method of disciple-making, I invite you to this community of disciples where people share their whole life, not part of it.

Many church-goers today are lonely and insecure because they don’t have one intimate friend who genuinely pursues the truth of God with the same mind and method. I promise you’ll make at least one here if you decide to be honest and teachable.

Our Beliefs

  1. The Trinity
    We believe in one God who eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each person is not part of God or a mode of God, but fully God, possessing the same divine essence yet a distinct set of consciousness and will. The three persons are in perfect unity with one another.
  2. The Full Deity and Humanity of Christ
    We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity, who
    became man to save man yet possesses full deity and humanity in one person simultaneously.
  3. The Fall of the Human Race
    We believe that all human beings, though made in God’s image to have fellowship with Him, have sinned and fallen away from the right relationship. They are unable to solve their sin problem and restore the intimacy with God by their own efforts.
  4. The Atonement and Bodily Resurrection of Christ
    We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of humanity as an atoning
    sacrifice and was physically raised on the third day to prove all His claims.
  5. Salvation by Faith in Christ Alone
    We believe that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is the only and sufficient solution for the sin problem of the human race. Anyone who places their faith in the death and resurrection of Christ will be forgiven and saved back to the right relationship with God.
  6. The Bodily Return of Christ
    We believe that Jesus will physically return just like He ascended into heaven, and will repay everyone according to what they have done.
  7.  The Authority and Inerrancy of Scripture
    We believe that all Scripture is God’s word inspired by Him and therefore bears the very authority of God and is without error.
  8.  The Christian Life by Faith and for Christ
    We believe that all Christians should not live for themselves but for Christ as their Lord and Saviour. This is done by trusting in God, obeying His Word, and submitting to the leadership of His Spirit.
  9.  The Mission and Unity of the Church
    We believe that as Christ’s body and representative on earth, the church should
    continue the work of disciple-making until His return. We believe that the unity of the Church should be clearly displayed in what its members believe, who they are, and what they do.

Core Values

  1. Pure love for God
    Not a mixture of love for God and love for self. God-centeredness and self-abandonment (Luke 9:23-24; 59-62).
  2. Liberating Truth
    “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). We must experience the liberating power of the Word of God—setting sinners free from anger, lust, anxiety, selfishness, dishonesty, doubt, and destructive comparison and competition.
  3. Community (1Corinthians 12:14-27)
    As the body of Christ we share our lives, pray and care for one another. For this purpose one is responsible to let others know his problems. “Suffering secretly” is not a virtue and it rather robs others of the opportunity to care and serve.
  4. Communication (Ephesians 4:15; Nehemiah 2:3-8)
    Communication is crucial to keep the community healthy and to do the works of God effectively. We can’t over-communicate. Communicate with all people in all ways.
  5. Courage & Honesty
    “Honest people are relaxed and confident, bold as lions” (Proverbs 28:1, MSG). For the community to be authentic and for the necessary communication to take place, courage and honesty are prerequisite.
  6. Connection before Performance (John 15:5; 1Corinthians 12:14-27)
    We declare “invalid” a performance that’s been done without connection—connection with God and with fellow believers of the community. We see to it that each individual serves in complete dependence on God and in recognition of the community, its order and peace.
  7. Life-style Discipleship
    Family, school, vocation and vacation are all classrooms for discipleship. It’s because Jesus’ first disciples didn’t attend His discipleship class but lived with Him (John 4:1-38). Discipleship is not education, but imitation of Jesus’ life.
  8. Omnipotent Prayer (John 15:7; Mark 11:24)
    We believe earnest and persistent prayer solves ALL problems. It is the privilege and duty of all Christians to experience such a prayer life.
  9. Creativity (Genesis 1:27-28)
    We believe in the master Creator our God who bestowed “dangerous” creativity on us—made in His own image—to overwhelm and win this dangerous world to Christ. We value fresh ideas.