From Pastor Yoon

God has invited us to His life. His life is always perfect and glorious and He doesn’t need our help to maintain it. Rather, our life counts as much as we participate in His life. Let’s get real with Him and with one another. We get as much as we get honest and teachable.
Has it been a while since you met real followers of Christ? Do you wish to follow Him with genuine folks who are as serious as you are? Do you want to do church on six more days beside Sunday? Are you tired of your ever same old self? And do you desperately want to see yourself change — the change of not only what you do but who you are?

Then welcome to the Church on the Basics! We are a multi-ethnic disciple-making church who values God-centeredness and self-denial in the pursuit of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20; Luke 9:23).
If you are looking for a church where you can grow as a disciple of Christ, who makes disciples following in His steps with a clear definition of a disciple and a down-to-earth method of disciple-making, I invite you to this community of disciples where people share their whole life, not part of it.

Many church-goers today are lonely and insecure because they don’t have one intimate friend who genuinely pursues the truth of God with the same mind and method. I promise you’ll make at least one here if you decide to be honest and teachable.

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